Digital Content Identification for Everyone

Uniquely identify your media files with the tamper-proof and AI-ready International Standard Content Code (ISCC)

Introducing ISCC

The ISCC is an open-source technology that enables the identification, attribution, and management of digital content across various platforms and industries. It provides a unique, decentralized and content-derived identifier for any type of digital media, including text, images, audio, and video.

Content-Derived Identifiers

Instead of assigning or embedding identifiers, each piece of content could inherently produce its own unique identifier through its digital properties, simplifying discovery and ensuring universal connectivity, all within a framework of open innovation.

ISO 24138 – A Global ISO Standard

As an ISO Standard, the ISCC is a benchmark for trust and reliability in digital content identification. Implementing international best practices and quality standards, ensuring that every piece of content is identified with unparalleled accuracy and integrity.

ISO project page:

Test the ISCC

See how easy it is to generate the ISCC from your content. Simply drag and drop one or more files into the demo.

ISCC Playground

If you like to dive a little deeper into ISCC experimentation, visit the ISCC playground.


Here you will find the latest news about the development of ISCC and ISCC Foundation.

Why libraries, archives and museums should use the ISCC

This new article by Lambert Heller discusses the potential of the International Standard Content Code (ISCC), recently adopted as ISO 24138:2024, for libraries, archives, and museums. Unlike traditional persistent identifiers, the ISCC is generated from the media file...

NISO Introduces the Newest ISO Identifier Standard

In his June 2024 letter, Todd Carpenter, Executive Director of the National Information Standards Organization (NISO), introduces the International Standard Content Code (ISCC), recently published as ISO 24138. Key points: ISCC is a new identification system for...

Reference Implementation

The ISCC Foundation is an independent international non-profit organisation maintaining the development and promoting the use of ISCC.




ISCC Playground