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Reference Implementation

The documentation of codec and algorithms is the main source of technical information about the ISCC:


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ISO 24138

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About the ISCC

The ISCC is a novel identification system. Unlike established media standards such as ISBN, ISRC, and DOI, the ISCC is generated directly from the digital media file, eliminating the need for manual application and management of identifiers.
Each digital media file contains its unique “DNA,” extracted from the content itself. This means that any user, entity or system with access to the content can derive the ISCC code from the digital media assets.
The ISCC is a multi-composite identifier that combines cryptographic hashes, which make it possible to verify content integrity and determine whether the file has been modified, with similarity-preserving hashes in the other code units. This means that in cases where there are different versions of the same content or content in different file formats, slightly modified or manipulated content, or content from which the metadata has been removed, the identifiers derived from the content are different but likely to match up to a certain degree of modification.

Use Cases

These properties can be utilized for a number of use cases, such as granular content management, content versioning, or to bind rights and metadata to the content-derived identifier.